OneNeck IT Solutions is an "always on" business. Our customers count on us to be there for them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It takes an extraordinary kind of person to thrive in an environment like this. What makes a OneNeck coworker extraordinary? It's The OneNeck Way: Our code. Our pledge to one another. It's how we roll.

At OneNeck: 

  1. We live SAY-DO. We do what we say we are going to do.
  2. We are straight up. We communicate with directness, balanced by tact and diplomacy.  
  3. We think in 3-D. When we think about things, we consider customer satisfaction, the coworker experience and the company profit motive.
  4. We leave things better than we found them. We add value at every process turn and every customer interaction.
  5. We take extreme pride in our work. Being recognized for extreme domain expertise and extreme effort is not enough. Results are what matter.
  6. We find joy in delighting customers. We believe nothing is better than outperforming our promises.
  7. We are data driven. We dig for the data, understand it and then synthesize the findings into our best recommendation.
  8. We act with grace under pressure. We are in a very demanding, tough line of work. We know calm in the line of fire leads to better decisions.
  9. We are humble. We are only human, so we run our processes to protect customers from our honest mistakes.
  10. We give selflessly. We try to make everyone around us better.

At OneNeck our people make it happen. 

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