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Operating and maintaining a data center can be complex, time-consuming and cost prohibitive. Your data center might be reaching the end of its life, its power or cooling may be strained, and it’s a struggle to keep pace with ever growing capacity demands. In short, your data center is no longer meeting your business needs or allowing you to gain a competitive advantage.

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With Colocation you can

Reduce IT infrastructure and management costs

Increase power capacity and redundancy

Guarantee Reliability and Uptime

Do I build or do I buy? 

Today, CIOs and IT managers are faced with that all-important decision: Does it make more sense to invest in an in-house data center, use a colocation facility, or move to a fully hosted and managed Infrastructure as a Service platform? Quite frankly, it’s no simple matter when it comes to data center operations.

Here at OneNeck we believe that third-party colocation facilities are an excellent solution to augment data center space and eliminate the need for significant capital expenditures for IT infrastructure and additional sites.

With colocation you can lower your operating expenses, reduce capital expenditures and shorten the time it takes to accomplish your IT goals. You can deploy solutions faster and scale your requirements as needed.

So what does it take to implement a sound colocation strategy?

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