Every company, regardless of size, experiences the ever-present pressure to maximize profits and shareholder value. In the midst of critical business requirements, Microsoft Dynamics applications require ongoing maintenance and significant technical resources. Employing experts and support resources 24/7 is often too costly for many companies.

AX on ReliaCloud® is an industrial-grade cloud designed for resource intensive Microsoft applications and technologies that require a certified, secure and compliant operational framework. Paired with our proven Microsoft Dynamics AX hosting and application management solutions, AX on ReliaCloud is tailor-made to reliably operate your Microsoft environments while optimizing your IT spend.

Built with enterprise-grade products and capabilities from VMWare, Cisco and EMC, ReliaCloud is specifically designed to run applications which require reliable and scalable computing compliant with complex security requirements. Delivered in dedicated and shared resource pools from multiple Tier 3 data centers, ReliaCloud provides maximum flexibility while also providing built-in solutions for core requirements such disaster recovery and high availability.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX On ReliaCloud You Can: 

  • Reliably deliver your applications, avoiding unscheduled downtime and unplanned maintenance
  • Optimize your IT cost structure between capital and operating cost
  • Control your Microsoft Dynamics AX license base while maintaining full platform certification and supportability
  • Leverage our depth of expertise in the operation of Microsoft applications
  • Contract for flexible resource pools and deploy (and re-deploy) as your IT environment changes
  • Meet security and other compliance requirements
  • Securely connect with a variety of access points
  • Achieve advanced DR capabilities using ReliaCloud resources in multiple hosting centers

Microsoft Dynamics AX on ReliaCloud takes advantage of ITIL based processes to increase security, availability, and performance. These industry best practices help drive down the total cost of operation with no up-front costs. By freeing yourself from the capital intensive burden of building and managing an in-house data center, you can use your resources for more strategic purposes and still have access to world-class IT infrastructure.

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