Managing complex enterprise performance management environments to reduce costs and improve IT operations
With more data than ever at our fingertips about customers, supply chain, the competition, manufacturing and other business processes, it’s critical to have the right ERP system in place. For many midsize businesses, Oracle E-Business Suite offers the power, security and functionality they need at an affordable price.

Challenges often arise, however, in the implementation and management of an enterprise system. That’s where we come in.

OneNeck® IT Solutions provides customized solutions for Oracle hosting and management. We help customers host, manage, monitor and maintain their Oracle E-Business Suite application. We leverage these applications to improve business processes, reduce costs and provide support for better management decision-making, offering:

  • Market leadership in Oracle E-Business Suite Hosting and Managed Services
  • Certified world class AppsDBA’s and technical resources
  • End-to-End Oracle 11i/12 hosting, administration, and technical support
  • Management of third-party enhancement packages
  • Backup Management
  • Storage Management
  • Release and patch management
  • Global 24/7 support and monitoring
  • Service level agreements with availability, response time, and performance guarantees
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud-enabled, enterprise class data centers

Combining our enterprise technologies, expert support teams and sophisticated monitoring software, we're able to customize Oracle hosting and management solutions to match your unique business, industry and regulatory requirements. Through on-site or remote monitoring and management, we can optimize your Oracle environment to deliver the highest application performance.

With unmatched expertise, proven experience and excellent customer references, we're well qualified to manage your complete Oracle E-Business Suite environment. In fact, OneNeck currently manages thousands of Oracle end users in 21 different countries.

Evaluate your environment today. 

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