Simplifying Data Center Infrastructures

While the world is becoming more complex, with apps, software, devices and data multiplying at exponential rates, it only makes sense that the infrastructure supporting this explosion of technology becomes simpler, more elegant and easier to maintain for IT professionals. That’s the idea behind today’s emerging hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

As IT teams are increasingly strained in their attempts to meet today’s business needs, traditional infrastructure architectures built with separated servers, storage and networking cannot keep up with the efficiency, performance and scalability demands.

Hyperconvergence is essentially an infrastructure solution with a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources along with other elements like backup software, snapshot capability, data deduplication, inline compression and WAN optimization. Unlike converged infrastructure, which is really three or four separate pieces of hardware bundled together but still operate independently, a hyper-converged environment seamlessly integrates every element of your infrastructure in one appliance.

At OneNeck, we understand there are many routes to hyperconvergence, and it can be overwhelming in a market that is becoming more crowded on a daily basis. We’re here to help. We can assess your goals, whether it be reducing cost and complexity, increasing performance and efficiency, or merely trying to simplify your infrastructure. We will look across our many vendors to make customized recommendations that fit your business. So, let’s talk hyperconvergence!

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