Hyper-simple. Hyper-scalable, Hyper-converged

Numerous organizations around the world recognize that SimpliVity’s hyper-converged infrastructure and data architecture improves efficiency and agility while dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership. SimpliVity delivers a unique data center architecture on hyper-converged x86 building blocks. It’s hyper-simple, hyper-scalable, hyper-converged infrastructure for the modern software-defined data center.

As a fully comprehensive hyper-converged solution, SimpliVity delivers:

  • A single vendor design, delivery and support. It streamlines the acquisition, deployment, management and support of the solution. It also reduces complexity, interoperability issues and operational expenses. SimpliVity designed its hyper-converged infrastructure from the ground up with these efficiencies in mind.
  • A single shared resource pool of x86 resources. Combining all IT infrastructure and services below the hypervisor into a single shared pool of x86 resources eliminates the need for discrete IT components. It creates an environment that’s optimized for virtualized applications. It also creates an environment that reduces costs to enable cloud-level economics.
  • Ease of scale. A scalable “building block” approach that expands by adding additional units to meet business demands.
  • Centralized Management. The ability to centrally manage virtual environments through a single interface makes life easier for your IT team and reduces operational expenses.
  • Hyper-efficient use of resources. Efficient use of resources is accomplished in three ways: 1) elimination of duplicate devices and services, reducing capital costs; 2) saving IOPS and lowering capacity requirements by deduplicating, compressing and optimizing data inline in real-time; and 3) offloading intensive processing from x86 processors to ensures that maximum CPU resources are available for application requirements.
  • VM-centricity. Management shifts to the application or virtual machine, which enables greater mobility, and offers VM-centric policies and management.
  • Native data protection. VM-level backup and replication of backup data between sites eliminate the need for back up specialists, and third-party backup replication software and hardware.
  • Software-centric design. Hyper-convergence meets software-defined data center requirements, enabling automation to improve operational efficiency.

SimpliVity’s hyper-converged infrastructure addresses the performance, capacity, mobility and management issues prevalent in converged infrastructure. It achieves VM-centricity by tracking what data belongs to which virtual machine, enabling VM-mobility. It eliminates redundant read and write operations, thus achieving improvements in both performance and efficiency. It increases data capacity by reducing the “footprint” of data on production and backup storage via deduplication, compression and optimization from its inception. Hyper-converged infrastructure dramatically reduces total cost of ownership. It eliminates siloed technology, enables rapid application deployment, reduces labor-intensive activities, prevents over-purchasing and over-provisioning, and maximizes the infrastructure investment. 

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