Delivering IT economies of scale for private equity firms
Understanding Unique Challenges

A lot of people assume the most important asset that Private Equity firms have is money. At OneNeck® IT Solutions we know it’s actually information. And that’s why having a first-class information systems in place in your portfolio companies is crucial to success in the Private Equity field.

OneNeck excels at understanding the objectives of Private Equity firms and using our expertise to help translate your objectives to the IT operations and strategy of your existing and prospective portfolio companies.

During the course of any corporate divisional carve out or consolidation play scenario, the underlying Information Technology infrastructure plays a pivotal role. Inadequate technology, operational resilience, or poor leadership can create an unstable foundation that can dramatically influence cost, availability, security and ultimately business valuation.

The anticipated growth of a business and the expected hold time of the investment are just some of the considerations that can dramatically affect your needs. By first understanding these needs, we are then able to determine the correct approach for your IT operations. Many firms can assess your IT operation, but very few can assess it in the context of your business strategy.

Providing Tailored Solutions

OneNeck IT Solutions works closely with our Private Equity partners at every stage of a transaction. Whether it's preparing for a carve-out or consolidation play, OneNeck IT Solutions is able to provide the transition and outsourcing support needed to ensure success.

OneNeck IT Solutions is a solid partner if you want to: 

  • Right-size costs
  • Mitigate risks
  • Shorten TSA life cycles
  • Differentiate yourself as a bidder
  • Attain a comprehensive large cap outsourcing offering with the benefit of a customer-intimate solution\
  • Achieve flexible and scalable IT solutions, adaptable to your changing needs

Our private equity service offerings tailored to meet your needs include: 

  • IT Outsourcing/Hosting Services
  • IT Operations Transition Planning
  • Optimization of IT Operations

By letting OneNeck help you get better information to help you manage your prospective and existing portfolio of companies, you can focus on the things that are of strategic importance to your business. So you can do more and make more at the same time.

Create your customized IT plan today. 

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