Connecting Citizens to Solutions

Understanding Unique Challenges 

Today’s government is facing more challenges than ever before. The challenges go way beyond governing and are deeply rooted in the way technology is changing everything. Citizens expect to be able to connect with government entities when and how they want, in a secure and seamless manner. At the same time, government employees are challenged with what might be viewed as archaic rules and regulations.

To overcome the challenges and leverage technology, today’s government must do two things:

  1. Connect with citizens
  2. Govern in a more agile and efficient manner
Providing Tailored Solutions

Understanding how to address the challenges by leveraging technology is critical. It’s also precisely where OneNeck can help. Here are a few examples of technology challenges government entities are facing and ways OneNeck can leverage tailored IT solutions to help alleviate the pain points:

  • Cloud Computing
    As government entities look at transitioning to the cloud, many are looking for similar results: to optimize internal processes using shared services, accelerate deployment of mission-specific capabilities and redefine how government delivers services to constituents. However, before they can commit to change, government agencies need assurance of a secure and reliable cloud strategy. The strategy must fully reinforce that they can manage their user and citizen information.

    A trusted vendor partnership is key for government entities looking to move to the cloud. It can only be formed by building confidence, which comes with the knowledge that the selected vendor has technology aptitude, industry expertise and strategic partnerships. Ask OneNeck to demonstrate our experience in delivering the right type of cloudprivate, public or hybridat the right time.

  • Mobility
    As citizens are becoming increasingly mobile and extremely dependent on technology, government is under more pressure to deliver services via mobile platforms. At the same time, government must maintain extreme vigilance to ensure those services are completely secure.

    OneNeck has years of expertise helping organizations become more mobile. In partnership, OneNeck can help build a flexible, scalable foundation for your mobility solution that delivers mission-critical capabilities as part of your mobile strategy.

  • Security
    Public sector organizations face a challenging new reality when implementing today’s emerging technologies — a looming threat to constituent data security. Technologies such as mobility and the cloud are creating new — almost daily — opportunities for advanced, targeted attacks. It makes today’s prevention strategies nearly inadequate for tomorrow.

    At OneNeck, we recognize threats can enter the network in a variety of ways. We understand that having comprehensive protection requires a multi-tiered and pervasive approach to keep threats out as well as detect and isolate any breaches quickly. We can assess your infrastructure for its strengths and weaknesses, then recommend and implement a solution that will keep your critical data safe.

  • Collaboration
    The need to collaborate faster, in real time, is a key factor when it comes to success for today’s government. Citizens want to interact with their government, either by voice or online, and they want it to be fast, simple and secure.

    OneNeck understands this demand for a rapid-paced government. In fact, we have years of experience helping government entities implement collaborative solutions that reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies, all while optimizing the experience for customers.

  • ERP Application Management
    Implementing an ERP solution can be one of the most complex technology efforts a public sector organization will ever attempt. While it can change the way an organization conducts its core business processes moving forward, the efficiency gains and ensuing cost savings are well worth the effort. However, implementation is only the start of the challenges.

    At OneNeck, we understand that the day-to-day management of the ERP application is key to its continued success. We have years of experience managing complex ERP solutions, and we can help with the streamlined management, operations, planning and continuous improvement of your organization’s ERP application. While ERP can be a huge challenge, with the right partner, managing it effectively can be achieved.

While these are just a few of the technology challenges facing today’s public sector, OneNeck has expertise leveraging a broad range of technologies and services that will help you operate more efficiently. We provide an end-to-end, technology-independent approach that includes a complete suite of hybrid IT solutions across infrastructure, applications and managed services. This approach enables governments to realize benefits, not only internally but externally as well, leading to happier, more productive citizens.

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