Are you prepared for an attack?

In today’s fast-paced world, IT is struggling to keep up with security concerns. Between a growing number of devices on the network, compliance requirements and pressure from business stakeholders to keep critical data safe, there’s no room for error. If you’re overwhelmed, OneNeck’s security experts are here to help.

Today's businesses must consider threats from:

Mobile devices in and outside your network.

Increasing number of business applications in the cloud.

Cyber attacks seeking to steal your sensitive company data.

Traditional approaches to network security were designed for a single purpose: to protect resources inside the network from threats and malware coming from outside the network. Today's businesses must consider threats from smartphones, tablets and consumerization of IT, combined with telecommuters, contractors, partners and business-critical services hosted in the cloud. Security is more important than ever—and far more complex.

Organizations still need to defend themselves against network threats, protect valuable data and resources, and implement the necessary controls for regulatory compliance, but the line between inside and outside is not as clearly drawn. The opportunities for better and richer collaboration for anyone, anywhere, with any device are matched by the challenges presented to the IT and security team who are tasked with delivering secure, reliable and seamless voice, video and data.

At OneNeck® IT Solutions, our qualified engineers can work with you to determine your unique security risks and develop a plan to address those risks and defend your network. As a complete IT solutions provider, we implement these security best practices as an integral part of your network, data center, collaboration and mobility solutions.

Our security services include:

Application Security

As security threats are on the rise, OneNeck’s application security protects your applications from external and internal threats and keeps your applications in compliance using best security practices. Our web application security engagement consists of design and deployment services to:

  • Secure customer applications against layer 7 distributed denial-of service (DDoS), SQL injection and OWASP Top Ten attacks
  • Secure the latest interactive AJAX applications and JSON payload
  • Implement security controls and mitigations, enabling compliance with key regulatory mandates, such as PCI and HIPPA

Learn more: Application Security Data Sheet 

End point Security

Enterprise mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are two of the fastest growing operational and security concerns today. We understand the importance of securing your information services in your increasingly mobile environment and can work with you to secure your mobile enterprise with industry-leading tools and expertise. Our end-point security services include:

  • Device and user security
  • Content and web security
  • Email security
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions

Learn more: Secure Enterprise Mobility Data Sheet 

Identity and Access Management

Identifying an authorized resource and ensuring that it is accessing your data securely is one of the key fundamentals of IT security. Our experts work with you to provide secure access to your content with industry leading tools and best practices. The OneNeck Network Access Control Design and Implementation service develops the customer-specific security policies, designs specifications for a network access control solution, and provides structured deployment planning and implementation. Technologies may include:

  • Identity and policy management
  • Network switch and wireless configuration
  • VPN for a complete access control solution

Learn more: Identity and Access Management Security Data Sheet 

Network Security

OneNeck’s network security services protect your perimeter from all manner of security threats. Through proven methodologies, our security experts will assess your current business and technical needs and provide you with a comprehensive solution to your network security. We offer full, end-to-end solutions from architecture and deployment, to assessment services related to all aspects of security including Firewall, VPN and Intrusion Prevention Security.

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Security Management

Know when a security threat is in progress and when it happens and respond in time to protect against it. OneNeck Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services create centralized visibility through best-of-breed tools to analyze and correlate potential threats within your network. Our services include:

  • SIEM consulting, technology strategy workshops and solutions development
  • SIEM design and implementation
  • Managed services for network and security infrastructure

Learn more: Security Information and Event Management Data Sheet 

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