Increased reliability with reduced operational involvement

Few applications are used with more frequency and relied on more thoroughly than email. From virtually its very advent, it has become the de facto standard for business communication and thus, when email isn’t working at a company, it seems that company isn’t working either.

As the most popular business email application in the world, Microsoft Exchange is one of the most critical applications in any company. As such, it can demand significant resources in terms of hardware costs, systems management, and of course the time and energy of the IT department. Therefore, it is no surprise that IT professionals consider Exchange one of their primary concerns. Determining the most effective method for delivering Microsoft Exchange services to your enterprise and understanding the implications of hosted or cloud-based services can also be challenging.

OneNeck® IT Solutions combines deep technical knowledge with a strong business focus to deliver enterprise-class Microsoft Exchange solutions that work. With OneNeck hosted Exchange you improve employee mobility and collaboration with the latest email, contacts, calendar, chat and content management tools, while leaving the maintenance and operational worries to us.

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