As the Microsoft Dynamics AX market continues to evolve, it’s important to ascertain if your environment is delivering the value you need to meet your business goals and objectives. 

OneNeck’s AX Assessment and HealthCheck service is designed to uncover performance and application configuration risks and evaluate your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment’s readiness for the cloud, wherever your AX environment is located– on premises, in a hosted private cloud or in a public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure. 

We use the same six distinct capabilities our managed hosting and application management professionals provide in the area of instance architecture, storage management, database management and application management in order to evaluate your AX environment. This includes data trending and archiving, backup management and release and patch management. Then, we’ll provide recommendations for reducing risk or preparing for a migration to the cloud. 

We recommend our AX Assessment and HealthCheck any time during your implementation and user acceptance phase to validate the configuration before go-live. We also recommend you have an AX Assessment and HealthCheck on a semi-annual basis post go-live and prior to a busy cycle or major growth in the volume of data going through your Dynamics AX environment. 

  • Proactively uncover risk areas
  • Provide pre- and post-implementation recommendations
  • Evaluate your Dynamics AX environment readiness for a migration to the cloud
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