Bringing Public Cloud Services Out of the Shadows

Does this sound familiar: A business unit or department in your company has contracted for cloud services? But they failed to work with or even alert your IT group. It's a practice commonly referred to as "Shadow IT."

From one IT professional to the next, we appreciate how this takes away from the overall IT strategy and creates potential security risks. It also prevents IT from:

  • Seeing all the cloud services the company is using from a single dashboard (adding up to inefficiency).
  • Understanding the scope of the problem, whether it's increased risk or a compliance-related matter.
  • Knowing how much is being actually being spent on cloud services, and by which business groups.

Without this knowledge, IT is at a disadvantage. It becomes nearly impossible for businesses to institute processes or governance rules when it comes to selecting and launching new cloud services. And, it certainly prevents any quick actions that might help the business innovate and grow.

Now, there's a solution to prevent departments and business units from opening Pandora's box.

Introducing the Cloud Consumption Assessment by OneNeck IT Solutions.

With OneNeck's Cloud Consumption Assessment, businesses gain knowledge and control — and so much more. This assessment gives full visibility into your company's public cloud use — and typically discovers up to 22x more cloud services than have been authorized by IT.

With OneNeck's Cloud Consumption Assessment IT teams can better govern their company's cloud adoption. They can also evolve the entire IT organization into an internal cloud service brokerage. This allows businesses to securely employ the right service, at the right cost and the right time, while establishing strong cloud governance processes that:

  • Reduce cloud risks and costs.
  • Improve onboarding and oversight of cloud service providers.
  • Implement stronger cloud management practices.
  • Better align cloud services with the needs of your business.

After the Assessment…

After you’ve got a better understanding of your cloud services with the Cloud Consumption Assessment, OneNeck can work with you to build your cloud strategy. By understanding how your organization is consuming cloud, we can help you develop a hybrid cloud technology roadmap, a budgetary plan and a business case that will show how you can meet your organization’s needs with cloud services.

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