Hybrid Cloud Assessment

Define your hybrid cloud road map with holistic analysis


Align hybrid cloud and business strategy

Before you can leverage the cloud, you need to know how your applications support your business. A hybrid cloud assessment using holistic analytics gives you the complete picture.

Let us help you define your hybrid cloud roadmap:

  1. Begin with a comprehensive review of your business strategy
  2. Then review your application portfolio and plans for the future
  3. Align your application portfolio with your hybrid cloud roadmap

Leveraging a hybrid cloud infrastructure could be the smartest investment your organization can make to ensure a stable, secure, extensible computing platform. Before investing in a hybrid cloud strategy, you need to understand what applications you currently have, what applications you will need in the future, and how hybrid cloud can serve your overall business strategy.

OneNeck’s cloud architects apply a holistic approach to building a hybrid strategy:

Business and IT Alignment
The OneNeck IT team starts by reviewing your business strategy, including business drivers and future plans. We interview stakeholders to uncover processes and applications that are central to your business. We also assess current strategies such as enterprise architecture, security, and compliance.

The State of Your Current Technology
With a firm understanding of business drivers, we then review your current application portfolio, assessing the opportunities and potential risks of various hybrid cloud deployment models. The analysis includes factors such as supporting infrastructure, workloads, bandwidth requirements, disaster recovery and end-user experience.

Developing a Hybrid Cloud Roadmap
With a solid understanding of current capacity and future goals, we create a hybrid cloud roadmap that will result in an optimal hybrid cloud infrastructure while mitigating risk. The roadmap includes specific steps and guidance as to how to implement a hybrid cloud infrastructure, including business and IT alignment and application optimization.

Wait, There’s More…
In addition to assessing your application requirements and developing a cloud roadmap, OneNeck also offers additional hybrid cloud support such as:

  • Enterprise application hosting design
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity analysis
  • ReliaCloud® hosted private cloud services
  • Colocation services
  • Hybrid cloud managed services

Expert IT consulting tailored to your needs. 

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