Moving your servers, databases, and applications to the cloud requires careful planning and a complete understanding of all the factors that can impact whether or not the project is a success.

Many issues play a role in a successful cloud migration. From technical requirements to human factors, it takes a 360-degree approach to uncover all the factors that contribute to an outcome everyone will be happy with. OneNeck IT Solutions conducts a thorough Cloud Infrastructure Assessment that covers all the bases to complete a successful migration to the cloud: workload analysis, bandwidth analysis, and end-user experience analysis.

Workload Analysis
Your workload analysis determines how your current infrastructure will best fit into a cloud environment. In other words, we analyze how complex the migration will be.

Cloud migrations can vary greatly from one infrastructure to another. For example, our assessment results might indicate a migration as simple as sizing for servers. Or, we may find we’re dealing with something more complicated, like digging into a multi-tier application to track performance and availability requirements.

OneNeck® IT Solutions engineers use proven tools to analyze the workload and uncover any requirements or roadblocks that affect cloud migration. The results of the workload analysis are delivered in a report detailing potential areas of concern, as well as the next steps to begin the cloud transition.

Bandwidth Impact Analysis
When migrating to the cloud, bandwidth has the potential to affect the overall outcome considerably. Our bandwidth impact analysis gives you the best possible understanding of the effect the move to the cloud will have on your infrastructure, as well as its impact on the cost and performance of your system. Bandwidth we analyze includes WAN, Internet, and within the data center.

OneNeck IT Solutions network engineers capture information from your network using a discovery appliance to determine the bandwidth used in your existing environment. Using this information, we determine all the requirements when placing workloads into the cloud.

End-user Experience Analysis
Typically, moving an infrastructure into the cloud is fairly straightforward from a technology standpoint. However, making sure end users have a satisfying experience is less clear-cut.

Along with evaluating results of other analyses conducted previously, the end-user experience analysis includes interviewing key personnel at all levels of the organization. Our goal is to understand the dynamics involved in accessing an application from the end user’s viewpoint. The results could indicate anything from the end users noticing no change to a new way of accessing applications in a desktop-as-a-server scenario.

Depending on the workload being examined, OneNeck IT Solutions engineers will use various tools to analyze application access. Valid scenarios will be explored and presented to you as options.

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