Are you looking at rolling out new business applications on your network, or maybe having performance issues with the applications you already have? OneNeck’s Network Assessment uses leading assessment tools to identify network issues in your existing infrastructure, or to assess your readiness to begin network infrastructure development, expansion, or upgrade projects.

Understand the bigger picture of your network and optimize for success.
A OneNeck Network Assessment finds the root cause of any network performance issues. Our experts use leading tools for network discovery and to analyze your application performance. We look at the network design and device configurations, monitor your actual traffic for individual applications, and examine quality-of-service (QoS) and path issues end-to-end. We then provide a complete analysis to show you exactly how to fix any problems and optimize moving forward.

Be sure your network is ready before rolling out new applications.
It is critical to test and assess your network prior to making infrastructure changes or rolling out new applications. If your applications need guaranteed performance and availability, you need to be sure your network has the capacity, resilience, and QoS to support them. OneNeck Network Assessments validate your environment to ensure a success.


Your network infrastructure assessment will help you:

  • Get the most from your network assessment with the costly investment in tools
  • Eliminate risks to your business by identifying faults
  • Assure application performance for new or existing apps
  • Get back to industry best practice in your network design
  • Plan and budget for upgrades, refresh, and maintenance renewals with a detailed inventory


What can you expect from us in a network assessment?

  • Onsite, in-person experts to study your business requirements and discover your environment
  • Thorough analysis by experts: on top of what insights the leading tools provide
  • Review of your architecture and device configurations for a complete assessment
  • A consolidated, professional report with prioritized, specific, and actionable recommendations
  • Presentation by experts to your technical team
  • Optional executive presentation

We’ll help you discover the key issues that you need to address to ensure successful implementation and growth.

Expert IT consulting tailored to your needs. 

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