Stay ahead of threats, prepare for compliance audits, and employ accurate vulnerability coverage with an extensive Security Assessment, powered by industry-leading experts and tools from OneNeck® IT Solutions.

A OneNeck Security Assessment provides an accurate understanding of your organization's infrastructure to help you identify potential security risks and promote compliance with security best practices. Through proven methodologies, our security experts will assess your organization's security exposure in order to provide mitigation strategies and identify remediation efforts.

Not only is this good business practice, it also may be required depending on your industry. Regulatory oversight in healthcare, banking and finance, and other data-sensitive industries mean that your business must meet stringent standards or face stiff fines and penalties.

Internal & External Vulnerability Assessment
We will use our professional toolsets and our expert level know-how to perform an in-depth inspection of your entire IT infrastructure, looking for security weaknesses at your external Internet perimeter as well as your internal user perimeter.

Vulnerabilities exist across multiple systems and devices connected to your network. Typical targets of an assessment can include network devices, web applications, email servers, databases, and almost any device attached to the network. OneNeck security experts will work with you to identify a list of potential targets based on your internal or external requirements. We will then find open ports, unpatched exposed services, and critical vulnerabilities at those targets. Vulnerability Assessments include checking vendor security advisories from Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Apache, and others.

Security Architecture Assessment
With our in-depth knowledge of the latest cloud, network, compute, and storage technologies, we review your current security architectures and assess them against your policies, compliance needs, and core security practices. Security Architecture Assessments can include your current environment and new business needs, such as decisions on security architectures including, DMZ architecture, VPN architecture, network isolation, secure wireless, logging and audit, application security, IPS placement, network high availability, and others.

Security Device Configuration Assessment
We will review your device configurations against best practices, your policies, and compliance guidelines. Securing your network devices is fundamental to your overall security readiness. All device configurations should meet best security and policy practices. But device configurations change over time, so core devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points need periodic configuration assessment in order to protect the integrity of your infrastructure. Our security experts follow the latest trends and configuration changes that will be applied to your target assessment devices.


  • A complete Security Assessment report based on the agreed assessment type outlined above containing detailed tool-generated data along with expert-level review and write-up.
  • An onsite presentation by OneNeck security expert to review the findings and recommendations.

Your business and your IT resources work more efficiently when technology products and services are aligned with your business needs and opportunities. OneNeck, along with our industry-leading partners, delivers intelligent, customized services such as Security Assessments that optimize your business infrastructure and helps protect it. Our OneNeck security engineers hold industry-respected security certifications such as CCIE -Security, CISSP, and GSEC, and stay current with the latest security trends and best practices.

Expert IT consulting tailored to your needs. 

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