Second only to your people, your data is your organization's most important asset. Keeping your data protected, compliant, and available requires ongoing storage capacity planning, resource deployment, utilization management, and cost containment. This makes understanding and planning for an efficient and scalable storage environment essential to your business success.

OneNeck’s Storage and Backup Assessment helps you ensure the consistency, speed, and quality of your data storage and backup, and provides you with a review of your enterprise storage and backup solution compared to best practices. We assess, analyze, and provide recommendations about your current storage environment, as well as future requirements to ensure accessibility, security, redundancy, and efficiency, to improve and optimize your current storage solution.


  • Work with you to develop a long-term storage strategy or validate your existing strategy and architecture.
  • Compare current storage architecture against anticipated project requirements.
  • Evaluate the availability, capacity, and performance of storage resources.
  • Recommend storage optimization opportunities to reduce cost.
  • Analyze your storage environment against best practices.


What can you expect from us following an assessment?

  • Report containing summary Storage Assessment metrics.
  • Summary report presentation by OneNeck storage experts containing recommendations and next steps.

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