As users become increasingly mobile and business applications become more collaborative, advanced wireless services help companies maintain innovation, agility, and differentiation. The OneNeck Wireless Assessment is performed before a new deployment to avoid coverage gaps and ensure a good mobile experience. It is also used to resolve wireless issues and optimize your existing environment. Starting with a clear understanding of your business and technical requirements, we work with your IT staff to see that your architecture, physical sites, and operations are ready to support advanced mobility solutions while increasing operational efficiency through a converged wired and wireless network.

Our Wireless Assessments are ideal for…

  • RF Design for New Wireless Networks
    This assessment determines the associated cost and gathers the number and preferred location of access points for optimal coverage before the initial deployment.
  • RF Survey for Existing Wireless Networks
    This assessment verifies the deployed access points and validates their location to ensure optimal performance. It also validates the existing design and checks for interference in the designated band(s), as well as any non-Wi-Fi interference or rogue access points.
  • RF Survey for Continuing Wireless Network Optimization
    This is a periodic site survey to account for changes and any issues in the wireless network. Ongoing support and optimization services resolve network-level issues quickly, and improve IT efficiency while maintaining the security, reliability, and performance of your wireless network.

OneNeck networking experts use industry best practices to map authorized and unauthorized wireless access points and analyze the environment for interference and design, while drawing on their wealth of experience to make recommendations and get you through the wireless network installation or optimization process.

When enabling business mobility in a wireless environment, the challenge is to design, build, and operate a wireless solution that aligns with your current business requirements but that has the flexibility to meet changing market and organizational demands. We work with your IT staff to assist with your migration to the wireless network, making it easier to manage a secure, high-performance, and integrated wired and wireless network that incorporates many diverse media, including Wi-Fi-enabled phones and tablets.

Wi-Fi Design and Implementation
After the initial RF Design Assessment, OneNeck wireless experts integrate the new wireless system into the your environment. This encompasses:

  • Hardware models (APs and controllers)
  • Designing and enabling features according to business requirements
  • Secure Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Employee access, guest access, and other types of access (voice over Wi-Fi)
  • IP addressing
  • VLANs
  • Network infrastructure best practices
  • Management
  • And more


  • Report that includes the project assumptions and parameters, survey methodology, and findings related to the requirements
  • Coverage diagram(s) showing the predicted signal strength throughout the survey areas
  • Floor plan diagram of the survey areas with the recommended locations for new access points
  • Proposed bill of materials for the recommended solution

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Assessment by OneNeck:

  • Improve the reliability, security, and resiliency of your wireless network with assessments that identify architectural gaps and deviations from best practices.
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of migration and reduce deployment costs by identifying and planning for necessary infrastructure changes.
  • Provide secure mobile access to mission-critical business applications with an end-to-end wireless design that delivers high throughput and reliability.
  • Securely deploy collaboration tools with expert guidance on how best to support rich media applications that require a transparent wired and wireless experience.
  • Reduce costs through improved IT efficiency with an architectural approach that provides simplified wired and wireless operations and management.
  • Sustain and enhance your wireless network performance with optimization services that provide ongoing operational insight, evaluation, and improvement

Good planning begins with a clear understanding of your current situation and your desired outcome. Whether you already have a wireless network in place or are building a new wireless solution, our services can help you plan, build, and run a secure mobility network based on a sound architecture.

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